Blueprint Salon
9418 Old Town Ct
Manassas, VA 20110

Angela S.

Fairfax, VA


Sara has been my hair stylist ever since she did my hair for my wedding in 2012 - which was amazing! I followed her over here from another salon because she is the best stylist I've ever had. I'm pretty horrible about explaining exactly what I want but Sara always figures it out. The salon is nice and parking is convenient.

Jamie H.

The Plains, VA


Chrissy and her excellent team at Blueprint salon add some serious class and style to Old Town Manassas!  Chrissy listens to what you want and knows how to make you look and feel fabulous!  I get the hair cut I want every time. I have never had so many compliments on my hair!
It is a difficult thing to trust someone new with your hair but this is a leap of faith you'll be happy you made!

Lera T.

Waldorf, MD


love love love love Blueprint salon. I went for the very first time a few weeks ago, working off the few reviews here on Yelp, and was won over
immediately. The area is smaller than most salons I'm used to, but it's clean, professional, and has a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere with great, hospitable staff that make you feel welcome even if you're a first-timer. The prices are definitely reasonable as well.

When it comes to my hair, I'm super picky about styles. Even more so, I'm picky about hair stylists. I like to keep my hair short, and because it's naturally super curly, many hair stylists never know how to deal with it. Too often, I've gone in with a picture/description and ended up getting only a vague idea of what I had wanted, which is disappointing and a waste of money.

Definitely not the case here. I got an appointment with Sara and she nailed it. One picture, a description, and she went to work and gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever had; exactly what I wanted. And she did it in under an hour, which is an amazing first for me.

For people like me, it's hard to find a salon that gets you, gets your hair, and doesn't make a fuss about it, but I definitely found that salon in Blueprint. Definitely go and ask for Sara, because I'm definitely coming back.

Christine R.

Dumfries, VA


I was so excited and proud of my hairdresser Chrissy when she followed her dream of opening up her own salon.

Blueprint Salon does not disappoint ... super friendly staff, tons of great products, but most importantly the most amazing hair dresser in the DMV.  Chrissy has been cutting my trendsetting pixie for many years and I cannot tell you the amount of people who stop me on the street about my hair.

If you are looking for a trendsetting hair dresser who listens, gives guidance when needed, and truly cares about the product she puts out please go see Chrissy and the staff at Blueprint.  You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Lynn W.

Haymarket, VA


Blueprint Salon is a no fuss, and not fancy salon in the heart of Old Town. I was told that the owner, Chrissy, is an expert in blondes. And she is. It is always a bit scary to entrust your hair to a new stylist, but I am very happy that I did. Chrissy did an excellent job. After all, it's all about the hair!

Noelle B

January 6 2014·

Chrissy always does a fabulous job with my hair! I always feel like a million bucks when I leave the salon.

Kathryn H.

Manassas, VA


LOVE this salon!  These ladies are amazing, the staff make you feel relaxed, comfortable and pampered.  My stylist Chrissy goes above and beyond to make sure that the service she gives is exceptional.  

Prices are great and I am very picky about my style and the cost.  You would be doing yourself a favor by making an appointment now.

Meghan H.

Manassas, VA


I love this salon. The environment is laid back and everyone is friendly. It is a smaller salon which gives it a wonderful feel of knowing everyone when you go in. Chrissy does my hair and I am so happy with the results. I like to change my hair frequently and she is always accommodating and does a great job. Also it is very reasonably priced, I used to spend a lot more and not be as happy with my cut as I have been with Chrissy. Please try Blueprint Salon out.

Susan B

November 8, 2013 ·


Chrissy and the rest of the team at Blueprint are the best! It's a relaxing atmosphere, and you know you're among friends. Chrissy is exceptional and the perfect combination of a stylist who listens to what I want, but isn't hesitant to tell me what will work on my hair and what won't. Thanks, Chrissy!

Mary P

October 28, 2013 ·

I have been going to Chrissy for 10 years and love her. She knows what I like and treats me and my girls like we are the only people in the salon. Thanks Chrissy for being such a pleasure and joy to know. Michelle and Daniella love you too!!


Maria C.

Woodbridge, VA


Had my first visit at Blueprint Salon last night, my appointment was with Chrissy. I have found my stylist for life haha!! She did such an amazing job on my hair, my color is vibrant without looking like I am a teeny bopper groupie or fake, my cut suits my face and my style. I won't go any where else. The salon staff was as nice as could be, very hospitable and funny. The salon was clean and not cluttered with obnoxious chintzy trinkets that you find in a lot of salons. I was colored cut dried and had make up applied in less than two hours. I would definitely recommend this salon to any of my girlfriends and I will most definitely be back!

Mary W.

Woodbridge, VA



Chrissy has been my stylist for over ten years. I am 61 years old and have  had my hair in a bob for about five years, it was drab and dated.  She recently converted me to a short and sassy do that people say makes me look ten years younger.  I am still getting compliments 3 weeks since the change.  I love it.  Chrissy's youth and design sense is why I have stayed with her.  Mary W.  Woodbridge VA


Rhoda W

October 9, 2013 ·

For the first time in years, I have a hairstyle I love! Since Chrissy worked her magic, I've gotten compliments daily. The salon is comfortable and the entire staff professional. I highly recommend Blueprint Salon!


Rebecca S.

Bristow, VA 


I followed my hair stylist, Sara, over here after she left another salon and let me tell you, I LOVE THIS SALON SO MUCH BETTER!

It gives you the feeling of being at home having your hair done, and does not make you feel like other salons, where you have to be dressed to impressed with your designer handbags and fancy jewels... Blue print makes you feel comfortable to be there in your sweats if you wanted to wear them.  The prices are great and the staff super friendly.

Please check this place out!!!

Christine B.

Manassas, VA


I am a long term client of Chrissy Henderson and have been seeing her for years.
We have really gotten to know each other over the years and she makes me feel like a part of her family. From the first meeting, I knew Chrissy was a professional. She is an expert in her profession and I always feel I look my best when I leave the salon. I  feel like I am her only client when I am at my appointment because she focuses on giving me the best service possible, even when I tell her that I just want "the regular". (I have been growing my hair out for a long time and I don't change my hairstyle a lot like some do.) She never pressures me to accept services or styles I am uncertain of. It's always an enjoyable and relaxing experience when I get my hair done with Chrissy. I can't be more excited that she has gone into business for herself.
Go see Chrissy at Blueprint Salon. You will not be disappointed.

Tina P.

Germantown, MD


Wow, not much more describes this place and Chrissy, but wow. I drive from Montgomery County just to get my hair cut and colored by the best. She knows exactly the right cut and color to get you compliments for weeks. You won't find a better stylist than Chrissy!!

Mary P.

Manassas, VA


Chrissy at Blueprint Salon has been doing my family's hair for 10 years.   I met her at a different salon and have followed her everywhere she goes.   She now has her own Salon, Blueprint Salon and I am so proud of her.  She is the best hairstylist there is and more people need to know about her.   I trust her 100%!  She knows what I want even when I don't and I am always very pleased with the results.  

Chrissy's personally and professionalism are unique.  You will just love her and her assistant Danielle.  

Must GO!!

Donel G.

Woodbridge, VA


This is a fabulous place for hair, blowouts, coloring, highlights, etc.  You name it, Chrissy and her staff can do it.  I love going to Blueprint Salon.  I've been going to Chrissy almost every two months for over two years now, and I can't say enough about what she and her staff can do!  

Also, I wanted something intricate and unique for my wedding, and I was never worried that Chrissy couldn't do it.  Not only did she help me get the style right, but she helped with coordinating pins and hair decorations to go along with my dress.  Everyone was impressed with what she did, including the wedding photographer who got special pictures just of the hairstyle itself.

She is awesome, her staff is courteous, helpful and very accomodating.  You will love it here!

Carol L.

Manassas, VA


I knew I wanted a new look, so I started growing out my hair but I wasn't sure what style I wanted or who to see.  That's when my daughter suggested Blueprint Salon.  So I called to make an appointment, Danielle was so pleasant and helpful on the phone that I was excited about my appointment.  The location was easy to find, right near City Hall, and parking was available in the City Hall lot.  I arrived, was offered a drink, and my appointment started on time.  At first I was apprehensive, especially because I wasn't sure what style I wanted but Chrissy asked me a lot of questions which eased my mind and she made me feel comfortable about the haircut.  After my hair was washed, Chrissy discovered that my hair was actually curly.  I always kept my hair so short, that I never knew I have curly hair!  This changed our plan a little but Chrissy adapted well and not only gave me the best cut I've ever had but showed me step by step how to style it myself at home.  The experience was wonderful, I feel confident with my new look, and I've been getting such nice compliments on my hair.  Overall I'm delighted with everything and I highly recommend Blueprint Salon.


Stephanie S.

Manassas, VA   


I have been coming to Chrissy for over a year and I will never let anyone else touch my hair again.  Not only did she fix the abomination that another salon did to my hair, she did the best out of every other salon I have been to.  Chrissy also did my hair for my wedding along with several bridesmaids and I cannot begin to tell you how outstanding it looked and how many people asked me where I got my hair done.

The shop itself is absolutely amazing as well.  Blueprint is an intimate shop that specializes in attention, detail, and customer service.  I am greeted when I walk in and am offered a drink, and I've never waited more than 5 minutes.  I am always asked what I'm looking for, how I want it cut, what my routine is when I get ready, and what my ideal look would be.  I have never been disappointed in what Chrissy has done and she is the only person I have told to have fun and do what she thinks would look good.  I've had styles I never would have considered before and I have rocked every single color and cut she has done.  I leave feeling more confident than ever and can't wait to show off my new look!

I cannot say enough about this awesome place, you would be a fool to pass up such an awesome place!


Jenn B.

Nokesville, VA


I came to Blueprint Salon after a friend recommended Chrissy. When I first got there, everyone was really friendly and they offered me something to drink. The salon is small, which made it feel intimate. I didn't have to wait long for my appointment to start, and when I sat down in Chrissy's chair, I felt like she was really listening to what I wanted and putting her own spin on it. I always get my hair cut the same way, and most stylists just go with that. But Chrissy asked more in depth questions, like how much time I spent on my hair every day and whether I was really committed to the idea of bangs. By the time we'd decided on what to do, I trusted that she wouldn't let me do something that she didn't think I could keep up with or that wouldn't suit me. She also didn't push things on me. When she blow-dried my hair, she asked what I normally do, and I warned her that I have a toddler, so I'm lucky if I get more than five minutes to dry it. I told her I don't straighten it or use any products. I just blow dry as much of it as I can and brush it straight, so that's what she did. She even dried the back without using the round brush, because I told her I rarely have time to blow dry the back completely. I left Blueprint knowing that I could maintain my new style by myself. There were lots of products available, but I didn't really feel pressured to buy any and I really appreciated that. I had a great experience at Blueprint. I know that the next time I go I will be welcomed back. I'm going to recommend them to all of my friends, because I haven't had such a personal, intimate experience at a hair salon in a really long time.

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