Blueprint Salon
9418 Old Town Ct
Manassas, VA 20110

Thank you for your business! 
To show our appreciation, we created the following programs:

Product Rewards Program – Protect your investment by taking care of your hair with quality products that will not only help you achieve your best look at home but will save you time and money. 
Buy 5 products at regular price get the 6th one free. 

Pick up your product rewards card during your next appointment to get started earning free product.

Client Referral Program – It’s easy to Refer Friends, Family, and the people you care about to Blueprint Salon.  

Just write your name on the back of the Referral card, give them to friends and family so they can make an appointment, when they arrive with their card, they receive $10 towards their first service and you receive a $10 gift card towards your next service. 

There’s no limit on how many gift cards you can earn so please use your voice to help us grow and earn rewards at the same time.  Pick up your Referral Cards Today!
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